A Magician’s Job Description

Job descriptions are interesting things. Most of them are self-explanatory. For example, a haircutter cuts hair, a pilot flies planes and a car mechanic fixes cars. But what’s the job description of a kids magician?

Most people say a kids magician’s primary job is to fool people. They do fool people, but so do politicians; and watching magic shows is much more fun than watching them at work. A magician is doing more than simply fooling others. For example, what if the audience watching a magician had no idea how he accomplished his illusions but he mumbled a lot. And he never looked at the crowd. And he moved awkwardly around the stage. Hmmm…. The audience may feel like they had just watched some puzzles they couldn’t figure out but that’s about all. Something would seem to be missing although the conjuror fulfilled the task of fooling people.Continue reading

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How to Hire a Magician

So you’ve decided to make your party really special and have a live magic show. So how do you decide which magician to book? You can take some comfort in knowing this is a common situation since most people have never hired one. But complicating the issue is most magic shows are at private parties so you probably will be hiring someone without seeing his/her show. Here are some steps to take to ensure Mr. or Ms. Magic will be a hit with your guests.

1. Ask around. You may get lucky and find a friend who just loved a local magic show they recently attended. If you like what your friend says, you may have already found your magician. If you can get the magician’s name, search for his contact information online.

2. Whether or not you have a referral from a friend, a website is a great way to filter magicians in your area. The website should be attractive and include your type of event – for example, a child’s birthday party. Is the site completely serious and dramatic? That person may be fine for an adult audience but that’s probably not the kids’ magician you’re looking for. Do the photos of the magician show someone you’d want as your living room entertainment?Continue reading